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Welcome to Rollings High, a visual novel experience you'll be sure to remember.

You will join your friends and fellow students at the infamous Rollings High to finish off your final semester of senior year.

You've got a super annoying best friend called May, but lately she's become almost unbearable, are secrets you two have buried since childhood finally going to errupt to the surface?!

Then there's Claudia, a beautiful but quiet girl who you somehow totally avoided meeting all through highschool, is it fate that you two are finally getting to know each other in the last weeks of classes?

Let's not forget Tyler, you and May's sidekick since first year, he seems to have an unlimited tolerance for all forms of abuse and no matter what horrors you put him through, he still remains a loyal subject.

There will be a much larger cast of friends and school chums as the game develops, it should be fun to see them all deal with each other!


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