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Voice acting - casting call! CLOSED
Sorry this casting call is now closed! Depending on the volume of responses, I'm sorry but I cannot guarantee that I will personally get back to everyone who au...
Huge updates!
Hello to everyone who is following the development of Rollings High! Thanks for caring :) So yeah, major major updates to the demo, added in about roughly half...
New artist onboard!
New artist onboard! Erupan is now working on revised character designs, very exciting. Heres her tumblr: Here are some examples attac...
DON'T LOSE YOUR FILES! (like I almost did)
That is the hard drive which came very close to eating 2 months of my work. Firstly, if you don't wanna read all this text, then just listen to my podcast style...
The creation of Claudia's sprite
Today I remade Claudia's sprite in preperation for her first scene in the demo. I had been working with some older sprites of claudia, but they were trash now...
The challenges of complex animation spriting
OK so this is about what I would call "complex sprite" work in the RenPy engine. It's a pretty long effortpost. By that I mean, I consider that the level of lay...
Making CGs
This is a quick run through making a CG when you have basically poor drawing painting skills. I started with a piece of paper and a black thick pen, I sketched...
New stylings for a new demo
Basically I'm trying to create a leap off point to say this demo from here on out will be something worth viewing. A lot fo work has gone into making to art sty...